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Operation Manual - Installation
Where do I begin?
(Installation Instructions and notes)

  • If it's not obvious enough - you gotta have a working Eggdrop bot.
    If you don't have one - get one HERE.

  • You also gotta have the alltools.tcl script, version 1.6 or newer.
    This script is usually provided with eggdrop. But if you don't have it, or have an older version, you can probably get it from on of the eggdrop sites in links.

  • Unpack the distribution archive
      tar -zxvf kalich-X.XX.tar.gz will do the trick (replace X.XX with version number (DUH!))
  • Copy the scripts to your scripts dir in your bot dir.
    • cp KALICH/toolz.tcl /somewhere/botdir/scripts
      cp KALICH/statistic.tcl /somewhere/botdir/scripts
      cp KALICH/AI.tcl /somewhere/botdir/scripts
      (when "/somewhere/botdir" is the directory of your bot)
  • Add the scripts you want to use to your bot's config file.
    You don't have to use all scripts, the scripts are completely independant of each other.
    Only that the online help (for all script sections) is in the Toolz script, so you'll need it if you want online help.
    After performing the above operation, the end of your bot's config file should look something like this:
      source scripts/AI.tcl
      source scripts/statistic.tcl
      source scripts/toolz.tcl

  • Carefully read and EDIT the scripts to configure the setting suitable for your bot.
  • Create the database directory configured for the AI script and make sure that the user running the bot has write permission to it.
    If not changed, the directory should be /somewhere/botdir/AI (when "/somewhere/botdir" is the directory of your bot)
  • Restart the bot.

  • And then what?
    (First steps)

  • On IRC, type !commands in a channel the bot is on to get the list of commands available.
    (The "!" in "!commands" is the command prefix, so if you changed it - it won't be "!" (DUH))
  • Brief online help is available about most of the commands - !help command
  • If you don't quite understand what a command is supposed to do (or no help is available), go right ahead and try it.
    (There's ALMOST no possibility you'll break something :))

  • (C) 2002, L3ECH